Timothy Boon Children's Book
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Timothy Boon Went To The Moon is a poem about a young man who pursued his dream of living on the moon. It was written in the 1940’s by Ivy O. Eastwick. I chose this short poem because of the underlying message of accomplishing your dreams.

Using a simple illustration style and limited color pallet, I depicted Timothy during his journey. In this book, you can see Timothy set his balloon toward the moon, flying over trees and building, while he leaves earth. Attention was given to the layout of each spread so they were design in a way that the viewer have a sense of surprise when turning the page.

This children's book was exhibited in the spring of 2012 at the Shepherd Univeristy Honor's Art Exhibit, which is a juried event. Lastly, the book jacket was also displayed at the Breezeway Gallery, Shepherd Univeristy for the 2012 NASAD Accreditation.